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Product Review: Aquarian Bath Shampoo Bars

In Hair, Hair Care, Soapmakers by Allie Aronstam

I don’t know about you, but it is almost becoming a bit of an obsession to fill my bathroom with only all natural products. So far I’ve got the moisturizer down (Jojoba oil….cough..cough…), my DIY all natural toothpaste, and even deodorant (tutorials to come). But one thing I have been wanting to do, but just haven’t found the time to …

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2013 Soapmakers!

In Hair, Skin, Soapmakers by Allie Aronstam

This past year we have had the fortune to work with some awesome all natural skincare companies by supplying them with our Oro de Sonora organic Jojoba oil for their products! They all share a passion for all natural skin and body care and have done a great job in making some outstanding products! Click the images to check out …

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New Year = New Hair

In Hair, Hair Care, Recipes, Split ends by Allie Aronstam

With the new year approaching, its time to bring some new shine to your hair! This simple DIY recipe will help seal in your split ends and add an extra layer of shine and moisture to your hair on these bitter cold and DRY days! Only three ingredients, yup that is right, just three! Avocado, Jojoba and Vitamin E oil …

Jojoba For Your Hair

In Hair by Allie Aronstam

Jojoba for your hair Jojoba oil may be the most compatible natural oil for hair because of its similarity to the scalp’s sebum and the ability to work for all hair types. Jojoba oil is a common ingredient in many hair care products for a reason. Jojoba has many therapeutic properties that can protect hair health and improve damaged hair. …

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Jojoba Oil gets rid of frizzy hair!

In Hair Conditioning by Allie Aronstam

Ok, so lets all face it. We all have frizzy hair here or there, whether its from letting our hair air dry, or hanging out in the humidity. All you need to know is that jojoba oil will solve all your frizzy hair problems! All you have to do is pump literally the smallest amount of jojoba oil onto your …

Jojoba moisturizes the hair shaft!

In Hair Conditioning by Allie Aronstam

I have always heard that the best time to dye your hair is when it is dirty, that way the dye can be absorbed into your hair shaft better. Well, I recently dyed my hair and decided that I wanted to try using a little Jojoba in my hair prior to adding dye. Not to mention, my hair had been …