Moisturize and soften leather materials with jojoba oil

In Organic Lifestyle by Allie Aronstam

According to a few articles I read online regarding oiling a baseball mitt, several people suggested using Tanners, Mink oil, Neatsfoot, or glove manufacturer’s oil. Well, this made me think, why not try Jojoba? There is an endless list of chemicals in the mentioned oils and if you think about it, when you’re sweating into your glove there is a great possibility that your skin will absorb those chemicals when in use.

I thought it would be a great idea to test out this theory, since I didn’t have a baseball glove, I tested the Jojoba on my leather Rainbow sandals. When I first got the sandals, the straps were so tough that they cut into the skin on my foot and gave me blisters!  I remembered what I read about baseball gloves, so I thought I would give it a try. I used about 2-3 sprays per area as often as needed.  After a few minutes, the leather started to soften! I repeated this process a few times until I was satisfied with the texture and softness of the leather. Now I can wear my sandals comfortably and no more blisters.