New Retailers in San Francisco!

In Retailers by Allie Aronstam

For those of you who live up in the Bay Area, I have recently started trying to get our jojoba oil in some retail spots to make it more convenient for our customers who live up there! So far we have been lucky enough to get on the shelves of two new stores in San Francisco! The first being 26th & Guerrero Market, a cute and quaint neighborhood market in the Mission district with lots of goodies to choose from! We are also on the shelves at Five Markets on 24th Street just south of South Van Ness Street. Another great market with a hard to beat selection of all natural and organic products! We will be starting off the New Year by adding new retail stores, so if there are any near you that you would like to see our Jojoba oil in just let me know, and we will do our best to get on their shelves! Happy New Year!


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