Spotlight: CRUDE Personal Care

In Facial Skin Care by Kirk

Our favorite thing at Oro de Sonora is getting to know all the awesome people we supply our jojoba oil to! Every company we sell to has a passionate person behind the scenes making it all happen, and we thought it was important for you to get to know them and their awesome products too!

CRUDE was developed by Master Esthetician Denise Cartwright in an effort to cure her chronically dry, patchy, acneic, and inflamed skin. After lots of experimenting she came up with what is CRUDE.





So you ask, what is CRUDE exactly? Well CRUDE works as a system, with oil-cleansing at it’s core, in order to nourish and heal your skin. They make it their priority to only use pure, simple, and botanical ingredients, including our organic jojoba oil! The system works by using their Everything Oil every day to cleanse and moisturize your skin, and their Detox Mask 2-3x a week to exfoliate and replenish your skin with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.October-Process-Final-0042

Add in their Bloom Regenerative Oil to combat acne and inflammation, tone and nourish dry and damaged skin, soften stretch marks and scars, and brighten dullness and dark circles! They’ve even got a Scruff Beard & Face oil for the men in your life to soften and condition their beard and the skin beneath!



Why does CRUDE choose to work with us? Here is the answer straight from Denise herself: “We love using your product because you are certified organic and family owned. I love buying straight from the source, especially when it’s produced in the USA. Your customer service has been amazing and we love working with you!”

Where can you find CRUDE products this holiday season? Although they won’t be attending any craft fairs this season, they will be doing lots of fun holiday promos (Black Friday will be huge!) They will also be releasing larger sizes of each product, as well as darker PULL Cloths, so make sure to get yours! To top it off they are offering Free Shipping! Check out their site and be sure to get some goodies for yourself and your friends this holiday season!October-Process-Final-0002