Spotlight: Wild & Wise Herbal CSA

In Facial Skin Care by Allie Aronstam

I’ve recently connected with Nicole Gagliano at Wild and Wise Herbal CSA, a community organization and felt the need to share their story! Both Nicole and Ami Brusca are the herb lovers who bring you Wild and Wise!  Their goal is to provide medicine to their community with the intention of using as many locally sourced herbs as they can, as well as our Organic Jojoba Oil! They connect with people in their community to harvest herbs in their home gardens and at local farm and provide their CSA share on a sliding scale rate, so that they are affordable to  the community.

NicoleThis is Nicole, tabling at Arts Alive, a local Herb Store.

Wild and Wise has a seasonal CSA, 4 shares each year. Each season is different and will include 6 hand made products, a newsletter of information about the products, and an educational write up/article. Their products may include tinctures, teas, syrups, salves, oils, lotions, etc. The shares are inspired by the plants they are able to harvest and the changing of the seasons. That my friends is pretty cool!

Rosehips & Calendula hand harvested by Wild & Wise
Wild and Wise also has an herb garden at  Little River Farm. The garden was started in the fall of 2013, and they hope to reap in their first harvest this year! They are excited to see their plants come out of their winter hibernation this spring!

The Winter 2013 share:
1 pound of “Wild Minerals” Soaking Salts
4 oz. bottle of “First of Spring” Scalp and Hair tonic
2 oz. bottle of “Leaves of the Forest” Facial Toner
1/2 oz. bottle of “Treat your Face” Carrot Facial Serum
4 oz. jar of Oceana Magic Body Lotion (Made by Kirsten Free)
4 oz. jar Citrus and Oat Gentle Face Scrub *Wild and Wise products newsletter *An article written for this share by Jocelyn Rudig, “Colorful California! Enjoy the Rainbow”, information on the health benefits of eating colorful foods. and as usual, Lagniappe.
Head to their website and check it out for yourself! A great company with an awesome mission!