Beard Grooming with Pure Jojoba

In Facial Skin Care by Kathleen Kaiser

Pure Jojoba oil is perfect for keeping your beard shaped and healthy. Jojoba oil is really a wax (in oil form) so it strengthens the beard as it mositurizes the facial hair.

Jojoba oil does not go rancid, is non-allergenic and non-comedogenic—no clogging pores.

How to use:
Shaving Prep. You can use Pure Jojoba oil before shaving — 2-3 sprays in your hand and then massage into face prior to shaving. Pure Jojoba helps eliminate razor burn. Try Pure Jojoba Butter Balm if you like a balm feel.

After Shave. It’s great for after shaving to protect the skin.

Beard Grooming. For grooming your beard—wash beard with organic soap, pat dry, spray Pure Jojoba oil in to your hands and rub into the beard. Brush beard to distribute evenly. Use regular because you will not get build up but instead create a soft, healthy beard.