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In After Sun Care, Body Care, Facial Skin Care, Organic Lifestyle by Kathleen Kaiser

It’s prime time to be outside enjoying the summer sun – but NOT without your best all-natural sun defense. And what better to pair it with than some PureJojoba to keep dry skin at bay?! Sun protection that’s considered truly chemical-free contains one of two ingredients – zinc oxide or titanium dioxide – as their active ingredients, or sometimes both. Our picks …

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Battle of the All-Natural Oils | Jojoba vs. Coconut

In Body Care, Facial Skin Care, Hair Care, Organic Lifestyle, Your Daily Routine by Kathleen Kaiser

In a battle between jojoba and coconut oil (Or as we like to say, good versus evil. Wink, wink.), jojoba wins out every time. It’s bio-similar to the skin’s natural moisture. Jojoba oil is one of only two substances on the planet that are bio-similar to our skin’s natural wax (or sebum, technically speaking) – the other being whale oil. …