Basic Beauty: Jojoba as a Makeup Remover

In Facial Skin Care, Removing Makeup by Allie Aronstam

Instead of buying a bottle of makeup remover and a bottle of moisturizer, why not just make things simple and purchase one product that does both? Guess what… Jojoba is just the product you are looking for! What?? You mean I get to save money AND use a quality organic product on my face and body, for TWO DIFFERENT THINGS!!!! Oh beauty gods, you have saved the day! All you need to do is spray a small amount of Oro De Sonora jojoba oil onto a cotton pad and begin by wiping off your face makeup. Next, move onto your eyelids and then finish by doing one more all over wipe and you are ready to cleanse! No harsh chemicals, no ingredients you can’t even pronounce.


Just one simple but amazing product. Jojoba. Enjoy!