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In After Sun Care, Body Care, Facial Skin Care, Organic Lifestyle by Kathleen Kaiser

It’s prime time to be outside enjoying the summer sun – but NOT without your best all-natural sun defense. And what better to pair it with than some PureJojoba to keep dry skin at bay?! Sun protection that’s considered truly chemical-free contains one of two ingredients – zinc oxide or titanium dioxide – as their active ingredients, or sometimes both. Our picks …

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Battle of the All-Natural Oils | Jojoba vs. Coconut

In Body Care, Facial Skin Care, Hair Care, Organic Lifestyle, Your Daily Routine by Kathleen Kaiser

In a battle between jojoba and coconut oil (Or as we like to say, good versus evil. Wink, wink.), jojoba wins out every time. It’s bio-similar to the skin’s natural moisture. Jojoba oil is one of only two substances on the planet that are bio-similar to our skin’s natural wax (or sebum, technically speaking) – the other being whale oil. …

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Homemade Natural Deodorant Bars

In Body Care, Organic Lifestyle by Allie Aronstam

Sooooo, I recently finished my stick of deodorant, and I have been waiting for this day, because now I can make my own deodorant! (Just didn’t have it in me to throw away the deodorant I already had, although looking back, probably should have done it sooner!) For those of you who are all about smelling like roses, and not …

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Product Review: Aquarian Bath Shampoo Bars

In Hair Care, Hair Care, Soapmakers by Allie Aronstam

I don’t know about you, but it is almost becoming a bit of an obsession to fill my bathroom with only all natural products. So far I’ve got the moisturizer down (Jojoba oil….cough..cough…), my DIY all natural toothpaste, and even deodorant (tutorials to come). But one thing I have been wanting to do, but just haven’t found the time to …

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In Facial Skin Care, Hair Care, Soapmakers by Allie Aronstam

This past year we have had the fortune to work with some awesome all natural skincare companies by supplying them with our Oro de Sonora organic Jojoba oil for their products! They all share a passion for all natural skin and body care and have done a great job in making some outstanding products! Click the images to check out …

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Spotlight: Brooklyn Soapworks

In Scrubs, Soapmakers, Spa day by Allie Aronstam

As we supply our organic jojoba oil to many handmade soapmakers, I have had the pleasure of trying out many of their soaps and salves, and I must say Justine Slattery from Brooklyn Soapworks knows whats up! Her soaps are so moisturizing that they literally feel like butter on your skin! Top that with the fact that she herself makes …

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Simple steps to a Perfect Manicure

In Nail Care by Allie Aronstam

It is always fun to go out and get your nails done, but when you look at how much you end up spending it is a little hard to justify going as much as you would like. Here is a guide to polishing up those nails all by yourself! All you need is: Nail polish remover Nail clipper/file Cuticle pusher/trimmer …

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Shaving secrets with jojoba oil

In Facial Skin Care, Shaving by Allie Aronstam

shaving with jojobaI enjoy using jojoba to shave because when you put it on your skin, the razor glides effortlessly and your skin feels like butter to the touch! Razor burn is out of the question! When I use Jojoba as opposed to the store brand gels and creams, my skin feels moisturized and healthy because I’m not using chemicals …