I’m Kirk, a second-generation farmer who grows jojoba on my family farm in Southwest Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. We’ve spent over two decades perfecting the cultivation of jojoba—starting back when my father purchased the farm in 1980.

Our three kids do a lot to help out on the farm, processing, delivery and sales and they  also keep up the blog, Straight from the Seed. And my wonderful wife supports us every step of the way (puts up with me mainly).

So why run a jojoba farm?

It’s the perfect moisturizer – for you and the planet.
The natural qualities of jojoba have amazing similarities to our skin’s own oil. It’s been used for hundreds of years to rejuvenate and protect the skin. Jojoba is the perfect emollient, meaning its purity; absorbency and moisturizing properties are truly remarkable! It’s one of only two substances on the planet that is bio-similar to the skin’s natural wax—the other being whale oil.

Our family chose to begin farming jojoba in the 80s because it’s a better solution than the eradication of the whale population. Besides being renewable, Jojoba has a better molecular profile than whale oil. That makes it the correct renewable alternative for skin-care.

100% Organic
Our cultivated jojoba plants are 100% organic. That means no pesticides or harsh chemicals, and anything leftover is completely biodegradable. We also use environmentally friendly, recyclable HDPE toxin-free bottles and pumps as well as glass pumps if you prefer! No fragrances, petrochemicals, perfumes, dyes, alcohols, detergents or preservatives are ever added.  We do not test our products on animals.

Straight from the Farm to You
What makes our jojoba so exceptional? Once the seeds are grown on our family farm, they are expeller pressed, rested, centrifugally filtered and rested again for 30 days to eliminate all impurities. Then the jojoba oil is packaged up and sent straight to you. No middleman, no multi-billion dollar conglomerate, no sales force.

Yours truly,

Kirk (aka. Farmer and Lead Shepherd at Pure Jojoba)


Now, please go shopping so we can keep the farm for another generation!

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