Jojoba Oil gets rid of frizzy hair!

In Hair Conditioning by Allie Aronstam

Ok, so lets all face it. We all have frizzy hair here or there, whether its from letting our hair air dry, or hanging out in the humidity. All you need to know is that jojoba oil will solve all your frizzy hair problems! All you have to do is pump literally the smallest amount of jojoba oil onto your hand, (we are talking half of a pea size amount of jojoba oil here), because a little jojoba oil will go a loooooong way! Rub your hands together to get the oil evenly distributed throughout your hands. Smooth hands throughout your hair, starting with the tips of your hair, working your way up. Try to stay away from your roots, as it might make your hair look oily, but if you are super frizzy up there, just touch up a little here and there with the faintest amount of jojoba. Finish it off by brushing out your hair, and you my friend are ready for the day! Smooth locks and all! The reason jojoba oil works so well to get rid of your frizzy hair is because it mimics the human sebum our skin produces on our scalp, giving your hair that extra moisture that you might be lacking!