Body Moisturizer

Apply immediately after bathing while skin is still damp to help seal in moisture, leaving skin soft,  smooth and protected. Apply as needed throughout the day to replenish the skin. Choose from original or scented with Essential Oils.

Fingernail & Cuticle Care

Massage a couple drops of Jojoba Oil into your nail and cuticle area. Repeat twice daily or as needed. Choose from original or scented with Essential Oils.

Eczema Relief

While topical treatments won’t address the root causes of eczema, regular use of Jojoba Oil can provide temporary relief from its symptoms and soothe sensitive areas. Apply liberally, following a shower or bath for maximum absorption.

Essential Oil Infusion

Jojoba Oil is the perfect carrier oil. Place a few drops of your favorite Essential Oil in to Pure Jojoba Oil prior to massaging into the skin for a double dose of moisture and fragrance. Or try Pure Jojoba + Essential Oil in Lavender, Eucalyptus, Rose Geranium and Sweet Orange.


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