Face Moisturizer

Pat on a few drops to face after cleansing to hydrate and replenish. Absorbs into skin quickly. Perfect for under makeup. Use morning and night. Try with an essential fragrance too! A drop of Jojoba Oil can be added to anti-aging serums.

Facial Cleanser

Pure Jojoba is a natural astringent. To cleanse, apply a few drops with your fingers or a cotton ball, then rinse with water to leave your skin feeling soft and clean. Pure Jojoba can be added to your favorite cleansers for additional moisture while cleaning.

Makeup Remover

Gently wipe a few drops over eyes and face with your fingers or a cotton ball. Rinse with water and follow by cleansing.

Acne Treatment

While it may seem counter intuitive, Jojoba Oil can reduce acne. Pure Jojoba balances the production of the natural oils of your skin. It can help to reduce excess oil production and moisturize when needed to bring your skin back to its normal balanced state. Pure Jojoba Oil can also help to unclog blocked pores. To apply, pat a small amount of Pure Jojoba on affected areas after cleansing


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Lip Care

Apply a light layer of Pure Jojoba + Essential Oil Balm directly to lips to moisturize, protect and add shine.


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