What is Jojoba Oil exactly?
Jojoba il is extracted from the seeds of the oba plant, an evergreen shrub common in Arizona, California and northern Mexico. Native Americans have used Jojoba Oil for centuries for various skin conditions and on their hair.Although it’s referred to as “oil,” Jojoba Oil is technically a liquid wax. It never goes rancid like most other oils used on the skin and hair, so requires no preservatives. Ouris all natural and 100% organic.

Is Pure Jojoba really “pure”?
In a word, yes. Pure Jojoba is just one, simple ingredient – Jojoba Oil. It’s Certified Organic and non-toxic. We also offer Pure Jojoba infused with Essential Oil scents including Lavender, Sweet Orange, Geranium and Eucalyptus, as well as Shea Butter for a richer texture. (aka. Our body butters bars and jars.)

What does Jojoba do for your skin?
When you apply Pure Jojoba to your skin, much of it is immediately absorbed into the outer layers because of its similarities to your skin’s own sebum. (Sebum? See below.) The cells swell up, the skin tightens and a barrier is put in place to help retain moisture. You can’t put on too much ojoba, as any excess that’s not absorbed will add an external layer of defense against the elements.

What’s sebum?
The glands in your skin naturally secrete a waxy substance called “sebum” to moisturize and protect your skin. It plays an important role in keeping your skin healthy but, for a variety of reasons, sebum production can become imbalanced – leading to acne or dry skin. (Learn how Pure Jojoba can help with acne and dry skin!) Sebum doesn’t degrade, go rancid or promote bacteria growth. By grand design from above, it’s nature’s best solution for protecting your skin. But we are constantly being bombarded with UV rays, dust, dirt, bad air, germs and bacteria. Most of us wash this dirt away daily to stay clean – along with our skin’s natural protection!

Why use Jojoba on your skin?
Here’s where things get interesting. There are only two substances on this planet that are bio-similar to our skin’s natural wax (or sebum) – whale oil and you guessed it: Jojoba. That’s why whale oil and Jojoba are the primary carrier oils for most quality cosmetics and skin-care products. We chose to farm Jojoba in the 1980s because we thought this was a better solution than the eradication of the whale population. (Check out About the Farm for the whole story.) Besides being renewable, Jojoba has a better molecular profile than whale oil. That makes it the right renewable alternative for skin care.

What about Coconut Oil or Almond Oil?
Coconut and almond oils do not match the chemical structure of the skin as ojoba does. Most plant-based oils, such as coconut and almond oil, are triglycerides that will degrade and become rancid over time. Pure Jojoba is a natural alternative that is safe, organic and not susceptible to degradation or going rancid. Plus it’s closest to the natural makeup of our skin!

Where does Jojoba grow?
Wild ojoba originated and can be found growing throughout the Sonoran Desert from Tucson, Arizona to Palm Springs, California and south to the Gulf of Baja, Mexico – where the climate is ideal. In the early 1990s, clones of the Southwestern Jojoba plant were relocated to Israel, Argentina, Peru and later to China and India.Our Pure Jojoba is grown on our family-owned farm in Southwestern Arizona. We started cultivating and farming Jojoba in the 80s in a small town called Dateland, Arizona, about 90 miles east of Yuma. We like to think ours is the best because we grow ba where nature intended!

Why enhance Jojoba with Organic Essential Oils?
Jojoba is an ideal carrier oil, so we offer Scented Pure Jojoba Moisturizers with lavender, geranium, eucalyptus and sweet orange organic essential oils to add a touch of fragrance without unknown additive chemicals.

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