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Confusion about Sunscreen

The use of sunscreens has become confusing. Last year a report came out that the chemicals in sunscreen have been found in the bloodstream after just one usage.

It seems as soon as we know exactly what we are looking for in a sunscreen —organic, low chemicals, reef safe— the rules change. So now what.

At Pure Jojoba we are going to keep up on this topic because it is an important one. Below are some recent articles we've been following to help you educate your self on how to protect yourself from the sun and the planet from chemicals. We will update this list as we find more information.

For now, we at Pure Jojoba are going to keep a hat on, wear long sleeves — even when we are hot, and limit direct or long exposure to the sun.

Journal of American Medical Association

QUICK INSIGHT: More chemicals than reported last year are found in the blood stream after one usage of sun screen. Additional research needs to be completed to confirm if these chemicals are unsafe.


QUICK INSIGHT: Pretty much the same as JAMA above.


QUICK INSIGHT: This article is very straight forward and tells the history of the issue. A must read.

OUR THOUGHTS: We can't give you professional recommendations, but we can share our thoughts for ourselves:

• Stick with Reef Safe sunscreens

• Use Mineral Sunscreens

• Wear a hat and protective clothing

• Limit your time in the sun