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DIY: Acne Prone Oily Skin Serum

Okay, so it happens to the best of us! Just when you think you’re finally at the age where acne is no longer an issue for you, it just creeps on in. Now, this can be because of many different factors including diet, hormones, stress, and of course your daily beauty routines. If and when this time comes, rest assured that you will have an acne + oily skin battle serum! Super simple and very effective at cleansing, repairing, and balancing your skin back to the glory acne free days.

Jojoba oil

Tea tree oil

Eucalyptus oil

Rosemary oil

All of which you will only need a little of for this recipe, so it is a very cost effective serum! You will have leftover essential oils to add to steam baths and your other herbal recipes!

Jojoba Oil for DIY Acne Serum

Jojoba oil is the best carrier oil for this serum as it is chemically similar to the sebum your skin naturally creates. This helps your skin to regulate the production of natural oils and prevents grease from accumulating on your skin, helping to prevent acne from developing. Fight oil with oil! Who would have thunk it?


Acne Prone Oily Skin Serum

1 oz. USDA certified organic jojoba oil

4 drops eucalyptus oil

4 drops rosemary oil

4 drops tea tree oil

I usually apply this at night and start with a clean face. Spray 1-2 sprays or pour a pea size amount into your hands and massage onto your face. The jojoba will begin to absorb into your skin and you will wake up with a moisturized and clean face 🙂 ** When working with essential oils always make sure to test on a small patch of skin before applying to your entire face! Essential oils are very powerful and healing but must be used with caution.** That being said, keep this routine up for 2-3 weeks and watch as your skin begins to clear up. Slowly you can switch to just pure jojoba oil as a nightly moisturizer and your skin will do the rest.

You can find all three of these essential oils at most natural markets, just call ahead to make sure, and it is as easy as picking up a couple more items the next time you are grocery shopping.


-The Farmer’s Daughter