DIY: Calendula Infused Jojoba Oil + Salve


Calendula is a beautiful flower with many purposes. Of course adding beauty to the world is one, and even adding it to a salad as a tasty garnish is another, but how about healing your skin? Yup, that too is one of calendula’s amazing qualities. When the petals from calendula are infused into organic jojoba oil we are able to extract its healing properties. Calendula is suitable for treating many skin issues including:

  • razor burn
  • sores
  • blisters
  • mild burns
  • insect bites
  • dry skin areas

When infused into organic jojoba oil as opposed to any other type of oil, you are making these healing properties more easily accessible to your skin. Jojoba oil, unlike any other oil has a molecular makeup similar to the sebum your skin naturally creates. This allows it to absorb easily into your skin without leaving an oily residue behind. In addition, jojoba oil is known to be transdermal, which means it gets deep into your pores and takes anything you add to it along for the ride! In this case, calendula and all its healing goodness!

The good news is that making calendula infused oils and salves is super easy! Follow the steps below to get started on making your own 🙂


The first and most important step is starting with a clean and dry container! This infusion will be sitting for 4-6 weeks at room temperature, so we don’t want anything extra floating around in there that could cause contamination.


Next, add your calendula petals. For most herbal infusions it is customary to fill whatever size container you are using 2/3 full of dried herbs, however if the herb is very airy and loose, it wouldn’t hurt to fill it all the way to the top! Side note: Buying the calendula in bulk is always an option for those who cannot grow it themselves, but it must be said that there is NO comparison to growing them yourself!  Dried calendula should be bright orange, not faded yellow! Although there are definitely different varieties available, I have found that the Orange Calendula has the highest amount of flavonoids that make calendula such a great anti-inflammatory. These calendula were grown with seeds from Horizon Herbs.


Next, add the miracle oil, I mean jojoba oil 🙂 Fill the container all the way to the top and tap the jar on the table to get any air bubbles out. Fill as high as you can without overflowing!


Place the mixture in a dark spot at room temperature and let it sit from 4 to 6 weeks. The longer the better, as you will be able to extract the most possible amount of medicine from the calendula.


Once your infusion has had its time to sit, it is time to pour it out! Start by pouring the infusion through a strainer into a measuring cup, and then follow it up by straining the leftover oil soaked petals in a cheesecloth. This will insure that you are getting every drop of oil you can!


If you want to save the calendula infused jojoba for later use, it is best to keep it in an amber container at room temperature. This should last about a year if stored correctly.


Here is a visual of all the extra goodness you have extracted into the jojoba oil. Isn’t it such a beautiful golden color?!

Now, if you want to take your herbal infusions to the next level, you can go ahead and make a salve out of it, with the addition of just one more ingredient. Beeswax!


This salve recipe is super easy. 8:1, infused oil to beeswax. I used 2 oz. of the calendula infused organic jojoba oil and 1/4 oz. beeswax. At this point you can get crafty and add essential oils or Vitamin E if you so choose, but it is all up to you! You want to heat both ingredients in a double boiler until all of the beeswax has dissolved evenly into the jojoba oil.


Next, quickly pour into your desired container. Be sure to pour it before it starts cooling off or you will not get a smooth looking salve. It will still work perfectly fine, just might not look too pretty if you were say giving this to someone as a gift!


Step 3 is totally optional, but I am all about it because I LOVE flowers, and the more I can incorporate their beauty into my salves then I most definitely will. Just add a couple petals to the top as a garnish!


The last step is pretty easy. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the yummy salve that you have just created!