DIY Make up — Foundation, Cheek, Eyeshadow and Lip

What if I told you that you would be able to create not only a lightweight foundation but also a bronzer, blush, eyeshadow AND lip stain from just 9 ingredients… Oh, and did I mention they are all organic, natural, and edible? Ya, well, it is true!


Pure Jojoba Oil
Beet Root Powder
All Spice
Cocoa Powder
Ground Ginger
Activated Charcoal
Pure Jojoba Butter Balm


Sponges or small towel

(Every ingredient is not only all natural but also has crazy awesome benefits for your skin too!)

Step 1: Moisturize

The first step to every makeup regimen is to moisturize! I use jojoba oil as my moisturizer, because lets get real, there is no point in going to all this trouble making your own all natural makeup, if you are just going to lather on a face lotion full of chemicals and irritants! Jojoba oil is the best oil to use before applying makeup because it is easily absorbed into your skin and within five minutes of putting it on it just leaves your skin soft and smooth and NOT oily. All you need is maybe one or two drops of jojoba to apply to your face and neck. Jojoba oil, is actually the best thing for your skin to combat overproduction of sebum in your skin, which is the stuff that gets clogged in your pores if there is too much of it and cause acne. Check out our shop page and get some jojoba oil for yourself, you will be glad you did!

Step 2: Foundation

To make your foundation, you need 5 of the 9 ingredients, including arrowroot, cocoa powder, ground ginger, turmeric and nutmeg. I started off with quite a bit of arrowroot and then added in the cocoa powder. I worked on getting it to a base that I liked, and then added in the turmeric, ginger and nutmeg to get the somewhat tan color I was looking for. Notice how I am not giving you exact quantities. This is because everyone’s skin color is different, and being able to customize your foundation to match your skin color exactly is what this is all about! Play around with it. When mixing all your ingredients, keep in mind that you can always add more of a certain color to get exactly what you want. Tweek your recipe little by little until you get exactly what you want!

Step 3: Blush

3 ingredients is all you need to create a plethora of blush colors! Beetroot powder is essential to give it that rosy color, and just a pinch of turmeric will turn any pink into a peach. Add the arrowroot to determine how light you want it. Pour a little powder into your hand. When I say little, I mean little, as in pea size. (Otherwise you are just wasting powder) Add a little water and mix the powder until it becomes a dye. Dab it onto the apples of your cheeks ever so slightly and sort of blend it in. A little goes a long way when applying blush! Once you are done applying it, take a towel/sponge and remove the excess powder by rubbing your cheeks with a circular motion. This will also help in blending the blush.

(BONUS!! All of the blushes you make can be used as a lip stain as well!)

Step 4: Summertime Bronzer

This bronzer includes almost all of the ingredients! Nutmeg, cinnamon, cocoa powder, beetroot powder, allspice, turmeric, and a little arrowroot will get you in business. For this recipe, I started off with a base of cocoa powder and then added from there. There is only a touch of arrowroot, but you can add more or less depending on the color of your skin. The smallest addition of beetroot and turmeric will go a long way for adding to your tan, so start with small quantities when adding!

Step 5: Lip stain

Like I said before, any of your blushes can be used to make an all natural lip stain! First start by pouring just the smallest amount of blush into your palm. Add a couple drops of water and mix it together with your finger. Next, pat your lips with your finger and try to get as much color on your lips as possible. Let the mixture kind of sit there until it dries for a couple seconds and then wipe off any excess powder. Lastly, seal your stain with Pure Jojoba Butter Balms.

Step 6: Eyeshadow

Now, for the eyeshadow. I personally don’t wear much eyeshadow, but when I do I like to do a semi smoky look with black eyeshadow. Lucky for me that there is such a thing as activated charcoal. You can buy it in bulk or at your local natural foods store in pill form. All you have to do is break open a couple tablets into a small eyeshadow container and you are good to go. I use my eyeshadow brush and just make sure to blow off any extra charcoal before applying it. It is DARK, and if you aren’t careful you could end up with black powder on your cheeks!

Keep in mind that these recipes are going to be very lightweight! I know its hard to switch from the “made in the lab” cosmetics that cover every single red spot, pimple and wrinkle, and switch to a lighter weight, less coverage foundation. But in the end it is soooo much better for your skin. Everyday that you stop using over the counter cosmetics you are giving your skin a chance to breathe, rebalance, and correct those imperfections to leave you with smooth and clear skin. On top of that, every ingredient in these recipes is going to benefit your skin even further! It’s a double whammy of skin goodness!

I hope this tutorial inspires and excites you about doing the same! Enjoy!


The Farmer’s Daughter

*Test all ingredients on a small patch of skin first. Everyone’s skin is different so you want to make sure you don’t have any adverse reactions to any of these ingredients.