Hair Care

Hair and Beard Care

Pure Jojoba is great for your hair. It styles, adds volume and moisturizes your hair. Try some of these ideas:

  • After shampooing and towel drying rub a drop of Pure Jojoba between your hands. Rub your hands through the ends of your hair. This will add volume to your hair, as well as, protecting and moisturizing before blow drying.
  • When wearing your hair in a pony tail, place 2-3 drops of Jojoba Oil in your hands and smooth through your hair. You will reduce fly-aways, add shine and create a moisturize mask for your hair throughout the day.
  • For a wet look use even more Pure Jojoba—3-5 drops depending on your hair length. Pure Jojoba will give your hair a slick, styled look while moisturizing. Using Pure Jojoba as a wet styling product is good for your hair as compared to chemical products that are drying and damaging
  • Pure Jojoba oil is perfect for keeping your beard shaped and healthy. Jojoba oil is really a wax (in oil form) so it strengthens the beard as it moisturizes the facial hair and skin beneath. Use a few drops to massage into your beard.
  • Pure Jojoba can be used for for shaving prep—guys and gals. Massage a few drops on the shaving area, shave as normal while adding more oil as needed. You will not need water or chemical creams. Use for after shave care as well.