How Do You Use Pure Jojoba? Meet Anna

We are asking our customers how they use Pure Jojoba Oil. Meet Anna, 53 years old, designer and professor.

Morning Routine

  • I massage Pure Jojoba natural scent into my skin after my shower. Jojoba Oil moisturizes, absorbs quickly and doesn’t sit on the top of the skin staining clothes.
  • Since I started using Pure Jojoba regularly, I have no dry patches. Shins, elbows, forearms — all my really dry areas—are moisturized and protected by Jojoba’s unique wax in an oil form. Jojoba behaves like your natural skin oils by absorbing and protecting the surface of your skin.
  • Once I am at my make-up counter, I apply a few drops of Pure Jojoba to my face. I let the oil absorb prior to applying foundation.
  • Lastly, in the morning, I will massage a drop of Pure Jojoba between the palms of my hands. Then I run my hands through my hair just below the roots to the ends. I do skip my roots to concentrate mid-section to the ends. I’ve noticed a difference in the health of my hair since using Pure Jojoba. “Mature” hair can be wirer or brittle. The Pure Jojoba keeps my hair shiny — more youthful.

Day Routine

  • I use Pure Jojoba balm on my lips through out the day as needed.
  • The balm is also great on cuticles.
  • I love to use Pure Jojoba + Essential Oils whenever I want a little scent “pick me up.” My favorite daytime fragrance is the Eucalyptus.
  • If my hands feel dry during the day, I will use a few drops of Pure Jojoba to moisturize — and I enjoy the scents.

Night Routine

  • After washing my face with an organic cleanser, I will apply a few drops of Pure Jojoba to my face as I did in the morning.
  • Secret— I like using the Pure Jojoba + Essential Oils Lavender right before bed. I apply a few drops to my hands and forearms. The Lavender is a soothing scent that promotes a good nights sleep.


  • On “pony tail hair days”, I will use Pure Jojoba to smooth down fly-aways but also as an all day hair mask. I load my hair with Pure Jojoba and slick it back into a ponytail. No one knows the sleek look is actually moisturizing and protecting my hair all day long!
  • Pure Jojoba is great to “dry” shave with. In fact, I like using Pure Jojoba Oil over water and soap. Apply Pure Jojoba Oil to your legs outside the tub and shave. I get a closer shave, can see what I am doing and soft skin!
  • I have horrible allergies. When I have an allergy attack my nose and checks can get very chapped. I will apply Pure Jojoba Balm to my nose area several times a day during an allergy episode. My nose never gets red or chapped skin when I use Pure Jojoba Balm.
  • I asked Kirk of Pure Jojoba to make me a special blend of menthol Pure Jojoba Balm. This has been great for runny noses and congestion. No more putting petroleum products with menthol on myself or my kids!
  • When I run in the winter, I will add a few extra drops to my face prior to going outdoors. When I run in the wind, the extra drops keep my face and lips from becoming chapped.

Helping the Environment

Just to wrap my routine up — notice that I use Pure Jojoba for all moisturizing needs! Since using Pure Jojoba, I don’t buy hand lotion, body lotion, face lotion, face oils, cuticle oils, lip balms. I buy Pure Jojoba oil and balm—that is it!

Using Pure Jojoba means less packaging, less chemicals, less waste and less pollution.

I use my purchasing power to be organic, sustainable, support a family farm and fight global warming.

Saving the world, one seed at a time. Pure Jojoba.

Best, Anna