Face Care

How to Use Jojoba as a Natural Eye Makeup Remover

Hey Girl heyyyy!!!! My favorite part of each morning and night is washing my face! Should you choose to shower instead of just washing your face, the only added step is taking off your clothes *wink wink.*

Cleanse Your Skin – Makeup Be Gone!
First, I like to start by washing my face with a gentle cleanser. My favorite right now is a vanilla Goat’s milk soap. I vary my cleansing routine between a washcloth, spin brush, and my hands, depends on how much makeup I wore that day. The days that I don’t wear makeup, I just use my hands for a softer cleanse and I always rinse with luke warm water. This helps keep your pores open, allowing for better penetration of your moisturizer. Be sure to softly pat your skin dry, don’t pull down (it’ll eventually just create wrinkles).

Oh…Those Raccoon Eyes!
At this point, you might have raccoon eyes, but that is OK. I like to save my eye makeup removal for last because I don’t like rinsing off the Jojoba. When I remove my eye makeup, I like to use the cotton circular pads. I put 1-2 pumps directly onto the pad and fold it in half to spread the Jojoba. Then, I gently wipe from my eyelids down past my eyelashes. I repeat this step a couple times, rotating the pad, until I have removed all my eye makeup. You do not need to wipe off the excess because the next step is to moisturize your neck and face!

Moisturizer & Toner Time.
Now that your face is clean, use 1-2 pumps of Pure Jojoba in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and gently wipe your hands upwards starting from your neck up to your face. Easy peasy! Let the Jojoba absorb into your skin before applying anything else. Typically, I’ll brush or floss my teeth while I wait. I like to apply a toner after I moisturize and right now, I’m using a Rose Toner from Acure (it’s also Certified Organic & smells so good)!

A Clean Routine!
I follow this routine every morning and each night. I don’t always wear makeup, but when I do, my go to brand is Bare Minerals and Pacifica. I use 3 dots of Pacifica concealer under each eye and on my chin. I rub it in with my middle and ring finger. Then I use the Bare Minerals loose powder for overall face coverage and warmth to contour my cheeks. A little eye liner, mascara, and a cute lip and I’m ready for the day!

That’s a Wrap!
Thanks for taking the time to read about my routine. I hope that you have a clean daily routine that includes Pure Jojoba! Your skin will thank you for it! Until next time beauties *muah*

XO, Kristi (the Older Farmer’s Daughter)