Jojoba Moisturizers the Hair Shaft!

Protect your hair

I have always heard that the best time to dye your hair is when it is dirty, that way the dye can be absorbed into your hair shaft better. Well, I recently dyed my hair and decided that I wanted to try using a little Jojoba in my hair prior to adding dye. Not to mention, my hair had been full of static charge, so I thought the Jojoba would serve a dual purpose.

How to:

I only needed about 2-3 sprays into my hand, then massaged it within my palms, and lightly ran my fingers through my hair, making sure I thoroughly covering the ends.

It is a well-known fact that sebum is required for appropriate moisturizing of beautiful and healthy hair and Jojoba is the closest molecule structure to sebum.  Hair that has a good moisture basis tends to be more resistant to daily damage, tangles, dryness, and split ends.


I didn’t notice a difference in how the dye was absorbed into my hair, but when I was done with the processing, I noticed that my hair was more manageable and easier to comb through before blow drying.  Jojoba can also be used after dying your hair, as the hair dye itself dries out and damages the hair shaft. I would recommend putting Jojoba on your hair prior to blow drying to keep in moisture.