Tattoo Care

Natural Tattoo Care

After you get a tattoo, remember that this is an open wound that needs to be cared for. Your care goal should be to keep the tattoo clean, free from bacteria and hydrated without using chemicals or petroleum products.

Jojoba Oil will aid in the healing process because of its natural properties being so close to the bodies’ own oils.

The benefits of Pure Jojoba Oil:

  • All organic. There are no chemicals, fragrances or other ingredients added to Pure Jojoba Oil
  • Mimic’s the skin’s natural oils. Pure Jojoba oil moisturizes, let’s the skin breath and protects—all traits that a tattoo needs for healing
  • Protect from infection. Jojoba Oil has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which help keep infection out of a healing tattoo.

Instructions for dry healing of tattoos:

  • Stay out of the sun.
  • Keep the area wrapped as your tattoo artist recommends
  • Use a natural soap, like Dr. Bronners, 2-5 times per day to keep clean. Pat dry with a clean towel.
  • It’s important to pat dry after washing, don’t swim or place in direct water spray
  • Apply Pure Jojoba the next day, right away, and everyday after
  • Wear loose clothing around the tattoo area. This will cut down on abrasion.
  • After about 3 days when the skin begins to peel (never peel the skin) apply Pure Jojoba more liberally and regularly on the tattoo area.

And let’s just say, use Pure Jojoba everywhere! It’s good for your skin and hair!