Body Care

Shaving with Pure Jojoba Oil

I enjoy using Jojoba to shave because when you put it on your skin, the razor glides effortlessly and your skin feels super soft to the touch! Razor burn is out of the question! When I use Jojoba as opposed to the store brand gels and creams, my skin feels moisturized and healthy because I’m not using chemicals in the process. However, you may need to rinse your razor more frequently!

You can use Jojoba anywhere on your body, therefore you can use it to shave those areas too! You’ll be moisturizing your skin while getting the smoothness from a close shave.

Here is the breakdown of how much jojoba I would recommend using for the following areas.

Arms/Legs: use 2-3 sprays
Bikini: 1-2 sprays
Face/neck: 2-3 sprays
Chest: 3-4 sprays

You will want to spray the jojoba into your hands, make sure that you rub it in for maximum coverage on the area of choice.

You don’t want it to be dripping because then you will have a mess!

The amounts provided above are averages and will vary based upon men and women, as well as the amount of hair in the area. Sometimes you may need more or less, try it out and see what works best for you.

TIP: I find "dry" shaving my legs with Pure Jojoba is the easiest way to shave. I can see what I'm doing, do touch ups when needed and my skin is softer than before I shaved.

Please feel free to let us know about your experience! Happy shaving!