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See the Farm in Action

Pops and I headed out to Arizona to fill up the van with our first batch of seeds from this years crop! With much anticipation we drove down the dusty roads to see the farm, the first time for me, and visit with our farmers and their family! Daniel, Freddy and Eddy greeted us at the front of the house and we sat for hours talking about this years crop. Although it wasn’t our best year in quantity, we still have some of the highest quality organic jojoba seeds so we are happy. Took a drive through all the trees to see the seeds gathered in piles ready to be picked up by the harvester and ready for us to press. We were surprised and excited to see multitudes of flowers for next years crop and god willing we have no frost and the flowers are able to pollinate, we might have one of our biggest years yet! Here are some pictures of the farm and our farmers!


Another closeup. You can see the dark seed inside the brown exterior. The dark seed is what we crush to get our jojoba oil.


This tree had lots of seeds this year!


Walking the fields with my dad, Freddy, and Daniel.


Dad and Freddy talking “shop”


This is Daniel. One of the original farmers who was here when my grandpa first bought the farm back in the 1980’s. Been there for us ever since!


Fields for days…


This is what the floor of the desert looks like before harvesting, just covered in seeds that have dropped from the trees above. All of the “gold” you see on the ground is actually jojoba!



The shed where we keep all our equipment and machinery.


This beauty is our harvester. It runs up and down the rows of jojoba trees vacuuming up the seed off the desert floor.


This is where it the seed is sucked up. From there it goes through shakers and conveyor belts to get all the branches, rocks and leaves out and poured into a bucket below.



Of course you can’t go to Arizona and not take pictures of a cactus! There were plenty to see 🙂


Thought this would be a cool picture to show. First off, it was 5 pm in the afternoon and it was still that hott outside! Crazy hott! The pyramid is actually a monument built for the 81st Infantry Division trained for victory under Desert Skies. Kind of cool!


The sun goes down on this trip, but it won’t be long until next time to get more seeds!