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Throw Away the Plastic Wrap!

Reusable cloth covers to replace plastic wrap. Awesome!

Cotton fabric cut into 9″ to 12″ sq.
Beeswax beads
Pine resin
Pure Jojoba Oil
Rubber band or twine

Cut your fabric squares using pinking shears to inhibit fabric fraying.

Melt* 4 tablespoons of beeswax beads with 2 tablespoons of pine resin and half a tablespoon of jojoba oil.

Place the cotton material on a foil-lined cookie sheet and pour the melted mixture on the material, spreading it out with a spatula** until the material is completely coated. Once covered, put the material and cookie sheet in an oven at 210 degrees for 2 minutes to ensure the wax is completely melted.

Once out of the oven, slide the foil and material onto a bigger surface also covered with foil and take the spatula and scrape off any excess wax. Then peel the material off the foil, flip it over and put it back on the foil-lined cookie sheet and in the oven again for 2 minutes and repeat the process of removing any excess wax on the opposite side.

Once all the excess beeswax is removed, peel the material from the foil and wave gently in the air for about 30 seconds to dry. And that’s it.

For a secure seal, use a large rubber band, piece of elastic or twine over the material and around the bowl.

Time: 1 hour

* you can use a microwave but we don’t have one on the farm
**you can use a plastic spatula but we try to stay away from buying too much plastic

Recipe adapted from madison.com, Gena Kittner for the State Journal August 12, 2018