Product Review: Aquarian Bath Shampoo Bars

In Hair Care, Hair Care, Soapmakers by Allie Aronstam

I don’t know about you, but it is almost becoming a bit of an obsession to fill my bathroom with only all natural products. So far I’ve got the moisturizer down (Jojoba oil….cough..cough…), my DIY all natural toothpaste, and even deodorant (tutorials to come). But one thing I have been wanting to do, but just haven’t found the time to sit down and do is make some shampoo. Thank goodness there is such a company as Aquarian Bath, because they provide over 20 different shampoo bars along with a great selection of soaps, salves and deodorants, made with only the best all natural ingredients, including our Oro de Sonora Jojoba! I have been using both their Citrus Bay Rum Patchouli shampoo bar and for those of you who like an unscented option, their Henna shampoo bar with Jojoba Oil. Both of these bars, along with a plethora more including yummy scents such as Lemon Vanilla Aloe and a Tea Tree Eucalyptus are available on their site!


After using my Aquarian Bath shampoo bars for the last couple weeks, I have noticed my hair feels and looks a lot fuller and softer. It was different the first time I tried it, because as soon as I washed the suds out of my hair, my hair felt very dry like most soaps make your hair feel after using them. However, after letting my hair air dry I was completely surprised how soft my hair felt. I found myself running my hands through my hair the entire day just to make sure it was really that soft. Another thing I must add is that I have very thin hair, so usually I have limplike locks that really are truly lacking in the volume department. Not so with these shampoo bars, they add extra volume and fullness that I could never find with generic shampoos. Pair that with the fact that I am no longer using store bought shampoo made with ingredients that most definitely do NOT grow out of the ground, and that I can not even pronounce, I am thrilled with these shampoo bars! They create a thick sudsy lather and smell wonderfully natural! Definitely a must add to your beauty regimen!


-The Farmer’s Daughter