Santa Loves Pure Jojoba!

In Facial Skin Care by Kathleen Kaiser

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL. “I am a Santa, and I bleach my beard for December, so yellowing is of great concern to me.  The rest of the year, it is not that big of an issue.  Your beard is pretty short so you probably would not notice a yellowish tint, even if there was one.  (I have the same coloration of a dark stache and grey beard.)  It only is an issue for those going for the white beard look.  I haven’t heard of anyone complaining about it, but rather just precautionary notes of “Well, the oil is yellow, so it MIGHT turn your beard yellowish”.  Again, no evidence, just common sense precautions.  The main issue of yellowing really comes from the keratin itself.

   Anyway, I’ve always enjoyed your product and am glad to help a local business.  I think you run a great business, and I am happy to support you.  Keep doing what you’re doing!  Keep squeezing out that oil, and let your daughter take care of the website.  If you are ever in Tucson, give me a call.”  🙂 Walter Ries