Saving the Whales—Again

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Whaling is Back.

This June, Japan has officially gone back to killing whales (unofficially, they never stopped.)

Why Kill Whales? Besides the Obvious.

Whaling can be traced back to 3000 BC. They are killed for their meat and oil. By the late 1930’s, over 50,000 whales were killed annually causing many species to be on the path to extinction. Organizations like Green Peace and Save the Whales brought attention to the issue in the 1970s. Additinally, an alternative all plant based alternative was discovered to be actually better than whale oil for the skin — Jojoba Oil!

Why is Jojoba Oil so Great?

University of Arizona researchers discovered “The unique structure of Jojoba oil, similar to the structure of sperm whale oil, offers special value…in a multitude of applications.” In non-scientist talk—Jojoba Oil not only replaces whale oil, but out-performs it!!

Why you Should use Jojoba Oil?

  • 100% naturally, sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Jojoba oil is a renewable source of raw materials
  • No innocent animal is sacrificed or tested in the process
  • Contains wax esters similar to those found naturally in human body oil
  • Long-lasting hydration and skin protection with one product
  • Soothing for special body care needs, such as eczema and dandruff
  • Anti-aging properties without chemicals or questionable marketing claims
  • Anti-bacterial so great for skin healing and tattoo care
  • Reduces acne through a natural balancing of the skin’s oil production
  • Reduces packaging waste though the use of a single multi-use skin, body and hair product

Help us spread the benefits of Pure Jojoba Oil—and save the whales.

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