Spotlight: Brooklyn Soapworks

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As we supply our organic jojoba oil to many handmade soapmakers, I have had the pleasure of trying out many of their soaps and salves, and I must say Justine Slattery from Brooklyn Soapworks knows whats up! Her soaps are so moisturizing that they literally feel like butter on your skin! Top that with the fact that she herself makes every bar of soap by hand and from all natural and organic products and you have a winner! We asked her a couple questions as to how she got started making soaps and what her company is all about! For those of you who are all about natural and safe body care products, check out her etsy shop to get some of her soap, you won’t be disappointed!

Lavender Olive Oil

Oro de Sonora: How did you get started?

Justine: “I have always had really sensitive skin and have spent most of my life trying to manage angry breakouts. I have never been able to use conventional skincare products. They always made me break out in a rash. For years I just used warm water, and then in high school, I started experimenting. This meant there was a lot of yogurt, avocado, honey and oatmeal flying around as skincare masks, hair treatments, you name it. Some of it worked, some of it didn’t, but I soon learned the things that made my skin happiest came out of the kitchen and not a lab. However, in my heart of hearts, I’m not a fancy mask kind of girl. I’m a bar soap girl, so after dabbling in soaping for awhile, I decided to put up an etsy shop and see if I could help others make their angry skin happy again.

Blue Mountain Soap
ODS: What is your company motto?
J: “My motto is if you wouldn’t want to eat it, then you shouldn’t wash with it. Almost everything in my soap is edible before it gets into the soap. My coconut oil sometimes gets used for carrot cake when I’m in a pinch. The herbs in my soap are grown by me.  The same basil that is in the lemongrass-basil soap, also goes into my tomato sauce. Your skin needs nourishment too and plants are the best way to do that. I only use pure essential oils for scents, and I do it at the lowest dilution because that is what my skin likes. As a result, my soap isn’t “super scenty” but you have just a hint of scent. Essential oils have very powerful properties and you don’t need a lot to still have them work.”
Gift Set
ODS: What are some importantthings we should know about Brooklyn Soapworks soap?

J: “I use organic, wildcrafted, fair trade and sustainably harvested ingredients. I want to make sure that everyone who is supporting my soap, also knows that they are supporting a bunch of other people who are being good stewards of the earth. I recycle and compost and am always aiming to have my soaping be zero waste.”

Organic Soap Sampler

ODS: Lastly, any goals for the new year?

J: “My goals for 2014! Oh goodness, in 2013 my business grew far beyond what I expected, and I hope it continues to grow. I’d like to have a shampoo bar and a few salves. I’m currently testing out some recipes and haven’t decided on a formula just yet. I’m working on my aromatherapy certification and hopefully will complete that this year. I’m currently really fascinated by perfumery and would like to take a class or two about the art of that. I’d also like to teach, because making your own stuff is the most sustainable of all! I dream of a day where we don’t throw things away; “away” is not a place. I hope 2014 is a step closer to a more sustainable world, and I’d like to think that I am helping to clean the planet, one bar at a time.”


There you have it folks! Be sure to check out her shop! Enjoy 🙂