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Our Purity Promise

In On the Farm, Organic Lifestyle by Kirk

All of our products at Pure Jojoba are: 100% certified organic and sustainably grown Completely non-toxic, meaning no harsh chemicals Gentle enough for everyone from baby to grandma Cruelty-free (so no animals are ever harmed) Butter Bars use bees wax and are not considered vegan Without parabens, dyes, or synthetic fragrances Grown, manufactured and packaged here on our Southwest Arizona …

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Best Pore Minimizing Scrub Ever!

In Facial Skin Care by Allie Aronstam

I have always seen commercials for pore minimizing cleansers, and blogs on how to make your pores smaller, etc … But I never really thought my pores needed to be any smaller. Well that was until I created this scrub/mask that literally made my pores non existent. Non existent to the point where I didn’t realize how big my pores …

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Basic Beauty: Jojoba as a Makeup Remover

In Facial Skin Care, Removing Makeup by Allie Aronstam

Instead of buying a bottle of makeup remover and a bottle of moisturizer, why not just make things simple and purchase one product that does both? Guess what… Jojoba is just the product you are looking for! What?? You mean I get to save money AND use a quality organic product on my face and body, for TWO DIFFERENT THINGS!!!! …