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Our Purity Promise

In On the Farm, Organic Lifestyle by Kirk

All of our products at Pure Jojoba are: 100% certified organic and sustainably grown Completely non-toxic, meaning no harsh chemicals Gentle enough for everyone from baby to grandma Cruelty-free (so no animals are ever harmed) Butter Bars use bees wax and are not considered vegan Without parabens, dyes, or synthetic fragrances Grown, manufactured and packaged here on our Southwest Arizona …

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New Year = New Hair

In DIY Recipes, Hair Care, Hair Care, Split ends by Allie Aronstam

With the new year approaching, its time to bring some new shine to your hair! This simple DIY recipe will help seal in your split ends and add an extra layer of shine and moisture to your hair on these bitter cold and DRY days! Only three ingredients, yup that is right, just three! Avocado, Jojoba and Vitamin E oil …

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Frozen jojoba: Cold weather turns jojoba into yellow jello

In On the Farm by Allie Aronstam

Who would have guessed that Jojoba can freeze?! I sure didn’t until I left a few bottles in my car over night. Back in 1997, we shipped a drum of jojoba to Canada for testing and processing. The reps from the Canadian office called and wanted to know why they received “yellow jello!”  The Jojoba had frozen in transit and …

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Jojoba moisturizes the hair shaft!

In Hair Conditioning by Allie Aronstam

I have always heard that the best time to dye your hair is when it is dirty, that way the dye can be absorbed into your hair shaft better. Well, I recently dyed my hair and decided that I wanted to try using a little Jojoba in my hair prior to adding dye. Not to mention, my hair had been …