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Best Pore Minimizing Scrub Ever!

In Facial Skin Care by Allie Aronstam

I have always seen commercials for pore minimizing cleansers, and blogs on how to make your pores smaller, etc … But I never really thought my pores needed to be any smaller. Well that was until I created this scrub/mask that literally made my pores non existent. Non existent to the point where I didn’t realize how big my pores …

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Frozen jojoba: Cold weather turns jojoba into yellow jello

In On the Farm by Allie Aronstam

Who would have guessed that Jojoba can freeze?! I sure didn’t until I left a few bottles in my car over night. Back in 1997, we shipped a drum of jojoba to Canada for testing and processing. The reps from the Canadian office called and wanted to know why they received “yellow jello!”  The Jojoba had frozen in transit and …